Shag Stix Outrigger Company

Shag Stix started while I was looking for an improved set of outriggers for my own boat. The locally available products albeit did the job but were to whippy or too heavy for my requirements.

The majority of imported solutions came at a hefty price point and although practical on some of our larger vessels, I found them way to bulky for the majority of our surf launched craft here in South Africa.

Ultimately Shag Stix now provide a fully telescopic, light weight , super stiff and super strong Carbon fibre outrigger set, giving you the positive releases required for setting hooks , as well as providing a well presented bait or lure always in the best positioning behind your boat.

We have found these to fit majority of vessels with no need to modify existing bases, being Carbon they are stiffer and less prone to bending like the aluminium poles available.

We plan to provide a full range of outriggers and rigging accessories for both the ski-boat and larger sports-fishers , complete with mounting hardware and sound rigging experience.

  • Outriggers And Centre Riggers
  • Rigging Accessory’s
  • Teasers And Teaser Reels
  • Marlin & Game Fish Lures

Products can be parcelled and distributed world-wide and distributor inquiry’s welcome.

I look forward to hearing from you and spending time on the water.

IGFA Capt.
Greg Hogarth

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